Cool Things to Do in San Diego

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cool things to do in san diego

If you’re looking for cool things to do in San Diego, then you have landed on the right page. There are a number of great options, from museums to aquariums, to theme parks to family friendly activities. Here are a few suggestions. Enjoy the coolest things to do in San Diego with the whole family. Once you’ve checked out these places, you’ll be well on your way to a great vacation. More info –

Here Are A Few Suggestions

First, check out the Maritime Museum, which is similar to the San Francisco Maritime Museum, with eight different ships on display. Among these is the Star of India, an old pirate-style ship that sailed around the world 21 times. It is one of the oldest sailing ships still in operation. While walking around, be careful to watch for tight spaces and narrow passages, as you may feel claustrophobic.

Next, check out the USS Midway Museum. Located in downtown San Diego, this museum offers hands-on experiences and interactive exhibits. Visitors can also view the city’s skyline from the top deck. You can also tour the USS Midway museum, which is the only one of its kind in the world. A tour of the museum will leave you in awe. There are lots of cool things to do in San Diego with the entire family.

Afterwards, enjoy a night out at one of the many upscale beach bars. Those looking for something a little more romantic can try out San Diego’s historic district, Old Town. It has an old-world charm, with adobe walls and telegraph offices. While there, take in some of the sun setting while enjoying a nice cocktail in one of the many beach bars.

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