Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

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Heavy duty caster wheels are a necessary item for many industrial and manufacturing plants. They are designed for heavy loads and can be found in a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials. Read more : https://www.castercity.com/heavy-duty-casters/

What happens with too much caster?

These casters can be used for a number of applications, including transportation, waste removal, and the manufacturing of aircraft. It is important to consider a number of factors when choosing a caster.

In addition to the weight capacity of each caster, you should also take into account the materials they are made of. Some of the most common materials include steel, ductile steel, cast iron, and nylon. You should also choose a caster that has a polyurethane tread. This prevents the caster from marking your floor and allows the wheel to operate in a variety of environments.

Another factor to consider is the wheel’s braking mechanism. Poly lock brakes are a good option for heavier tread casters. However, they do not have the same ergonomic features as other options. For instance, they are not as effective for soft materials.

If you are looking for a caster that will be used in an area that experiences extreme cold or heat, you may want to check out a glass filled nylon wheel. The material can operate in a range of temperatures, from +45degF to 550degF.

Besides being a great tool for moving heavy equipment, a caster can add a bit of maneuverability to a cart. During the manufacturing process, for example, workers will often use carts with casters to improve their work environment.

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