Is Web Design Dead?

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is web design dead

The question often asked is, “Is web design dead?” The answer is: it’s not dead. The web evolved into a huge industry in the 90s. In the beginning, computers and browsers weren’t very powerful and people didn’t have a very clear understanding of what it could do. The focus of website design was always on functionality and aesthetics. Many designers focused on style and looked at websites as a business card. But as the Internet became increasingly popular and consumers demanded higher-quality sites, web designers started to take a different perspective. Check this blog out

What You Should Know About Is Web Design Dead?

There are still plenty of web design agencies and freelancers out there. Smart agencies are still around and continue to serve Fortune 500 and 100 companies. Unlike some naysayers, these firms aren’t dead. They are just reshaping the industry to fit the demands of their clients. The industry is experiencing a metamorphosis and changing rapidly. In a few years, the web design industry will be much more competitive than it is now.

It’s not dead yet, but the world is changing. Some people say that it is. A few years ago, a French web design expert wrote an article on the death of web design. That article got a lot of attention, and was reprinted by Mashable and Smashing Magazine. Several other experts have responded to the article, and a handful of web design agencies are still operating. Despite these experts’ claims, there are still hundreds of web designers, freelancers, and smart agencies around the world. Whether you think the term is dead is a personal decision, but the skill of web design remain alive.

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