Logo Mats – A Powerful Way to Communicate Your Brand

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Logo mats are a powerful way to communicate your business’ brand and identity to each customer that enters your building or workplace. The key is to select a mat with the right design, and to ensure that it’s clearly visible. This can be done by choosing a mat with a high-resolution image, and by ensuring that it is printed in an appropriate color. It also helps to keep your logo mat in good condition by including it in your regular cleaning regimen, and by keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Logo Mat Design Considerations

The most effective logo mats use a simple, crisp design that is easily legible. This is due to the fact that they are often viewed while people are moving over them, and they may only have a few seconds to notice the design or message before they move on. For this reason, it is also important to minimize the clutter on the mat by using images that have a clear subject, and by choosing colors that are not too harsh or overly bright.

Mastering Brand Impressions: The Power of Logo Mats in Business Signage

Logo mats can be made with any type of graphic design, and they can include an image of a company’s logo, an individual’s name or a tagline. They can be printed horizontally or vertically, depending on where the mat is to be placed in a facility. Some of the more common uses for logo mats are at entrance doors, in reception areas, and even by elevators or escalators to create a consistent branding experience.

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