Organize Toiletries in Style

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Organize Toiletries in Style

With the right organization tools, packing and unpacking can be a smooth experience, even when you’re traveling. The Emily Ley Hanging Toiletry Kit streamlines the process, keeping your travel essentials categorized and easy to find while you’re on the go.

Start by Toiletry Bag for Efficient Packing from bathroom wall cabinets and makeup tables to over-the-toilet spaces. Sort and organize each item into one of the following categories –

If your towels or linens are stacked on top of each other, they can create a cluttered look that’s difficult to keep neat and tidy. Fold your towels and linens neatly, and consider stacking them in a decorative bin or basket to add extra storage to your space.

Beyond Basics: Elevate Your Grooming Routine with a Luxury Men’s Toiletry Bag

A row of hooks over a toilet is a standard way to store linens, but it can also eat into valuable counter or vanity space. Instead, hang a freestanding shelving unit on an unobstructed wall. Choose a design with slim lines for a modern take, or opt for an antique cabinet to elevate your décor.

Over the counters are a common place to stock toiletries, but they can easily become messy and disorganized. Keep countertops clear by corralling frequently used items in shallow trays or other small containers. Glass canisters and small lidded jars are ideal for grouping cotton swabs, q-tips and other bits. And if your drawers are full of daily-use grooming products, try adding expandable dividers to eke out just a bit more storage.

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