Red Lebanon Hash

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red lebanese hash

Red lebanese hash | tale of two strains that has a light reddish colour, similar to our other resins. This particular strain is derived from indoor plants and it’s known for its very energizing and uplifting high that can be used to fight depression, increase creativity or simply help you relax.

Lebanon has a long tradition in producing some of the best cannabis in the world. Hashish is one of the oldest types of cannabis extract, and it’s a low-tech concentrate that requires no lab-grade equipment or solvents to produce. The trichome glands in the cannabis plant are removed and pressed, creating a solid, concentrated form of marijuana. Hashish can be made in a number of ways, but the Lebanese method of creating hash is arguably the best-known.

Unveiling the Rich Heritage of Red Lebanese Hash: A Timeless Classic Worth Exploring

Lebanese hash is made on a large scale in the valley of Baalbek and is often aged to allow it to develop its ideal consistency. This process also deepens its aroma and flavour, making it a very special product.

The unique colour of the resulting hash is due to the natural drying and curing process in Lebanon, which is what makes it stand out from other forms of Lebanese hash. This hash has a smooth and powerful taste, with spicy and earthy notes. Its effects are long-lasting and deeply relaxing, bringing with it a sense of calm. Our customers tell us that it’s a great choice for relieving stress and anxiety, as well as boosting energy levels and improving mental clarity.

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