The Benefits of a Standing Desk

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benefits of standing desk

Scientists have discovered a variety of benefits of a standing desk. This type of desk promotes better focus and reduces the symptoms of mental fatigue and stress. Many of the benefits of a standing desk are the same as those of a traditional desk. For instance, if you’re using a sitting desk, you might not be getting enough exercise. Standing instead will allow you to exercise your muscles and release endorphins, which boost your mood and increase your energy levels. It also helps prevent the over-production of your pancreas, which converts glucose into energy. Source

The Benefits Of A Standing Desk Are The Same As Those Of A Traditional Desk

Changing your posture to a standing position is another benefit of a sitting desk. Studies have shown that sitting in a “C” shape can cause damage to the neck and spinal discs. Sitting causes the spine to compress, which makes disc collagen harden. A standing desk, on the other hand, promotes an even weight distribution and a healthy “S”-shape. While sitting, your posture is unbalanced, causing your back to hurt.

Standing at a standing desk will increase your metabolism, burning more calories. Researchers have shown that standing for fifteen minutes every hour will boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories. Studies have shown that sitting for more than half an hour results in a loss of five pounds in the first three months. This makes it important to keep your posture healthy when you’re at your desk. There are many other health benefits of standing, so make the switch today!

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