The Development and Construction Departments of Apartment Communities Require the Expertise of General Contractors

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Whether you’re a resident at one of Fairfield’s apartment communities or a passerby, your curiosity may be peaked the next time you see a construction site where once was just an empty lot or old building. You might wonder how that project got from its initial idea to a fully functional, brand-new apartment community.

Who is called a contractor?

This is where the work of General contractors in Fairfield comes into play. The Development and Construction departments are a full-fledged, turnkey operation, and as such they require a vast array of expertise and talents to accomplish the job. The department responsibilities include estimating, scheduling, procurement of equipment, materials and labor, excavation, site conditioning, grading, pouring concrete, framing, roofing, interior and exterior finishing, quality control, safety and compliance, punch lists, certificates of completions, return of equipment and clean-up, just to name a few.

The development process begins when the team sets out to identify parcels of land that can be redeveloped into a multi-family community. Once the site has been secured, the pre-development phase commences and involves an extensive series of activities including evaluating site and government constraints and opportunities, seeking permits, obtaining financing, and more.

General contractors typically have a bachelor’s degree or more, but hands-on training is still the most common way that these professionals earn their stripes. They also acquire contractor license bonds in order to ensure that they operate under the highest standards of the profession and are held accountable for their work by state insurance agencies.

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