What Are Caster Wheels?

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Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels are non-powered wheels designed to be fitted on the base of device moving equipment to enable movement of heavy objects with less force being applied. They are a necessary mobility enabler that helps to improve workplace efficiency and productivity by increasing the speed of transport across a range of environments. Read more castercity.com

How Caster Wheels Work

The wheel portion of a caster is not the only part that must be lubricated and maintained. The hardware fittings that connect the caster to the machine also need to be looked at regularly. Minor flaws can deteriorate the integrity of the caster wheel and its fastenings, causing unnecessary wear and tear over time.

Types of Caster Wheels

There are many different types of caster wheels available on the market. The most popular are rigid casters and swivel casters. Rigid casters are fixed-position casters that only roll back and forward, while swivel casters allow a 360 degree rotation.

Why Caster Wheels Are Essential for Material Handling Equipment

Rigid casters are typically used in industrial applications. They are usually affixed to the underside of carts and hand trucks to provide support for loading and unloading machinery and equipment from one location to another in a manufacturing or distribution environment.

Swivel casters are also common in the workplace, especially when loads are required to move along paths that don’t follow a straight line path. They are often affixed to the underside of hand trucks, carts, furniture, and institutional equipment to help it be moved with ease from one place to another.

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